Hydromel has organised events on every scale and continent. We've created a stir of excitement at events ranging from global sales conferences to product launches, and intimate cocktail parties to 2,000-strong Christmas parties.

When it comes to the big day, we supply everything you'd expect from a top end cocktail bar: a stylish bar, excellent mixologists, outstanding service and exceptional drink choices.

We can also offer something a little different too. We've recently introduced Food Matching, creating delicious miniature drinks and foams that match your canapés. One recent hit was our Bloody Mary topped with celery foam, which perfectly complemented the event's beef and horseradish canapés - very Heston Blumenthal.

Whatever your brief, we can tailor our service to match.

Captain Morgan
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brand promotion

Let us build buzz around your brand.

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Shaking cocktails
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team building

Looking for a team building exercise with a twist?
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